5 Ways to Stay Safe Online

Millions of people around the globe are connecting to the internet in different places, their own home, work and even public places with public wifi services. Whenever there is an internet connection, there are always threats and malicious contents lurking behind and waiting for you to catch their bait.

Protect yourself from these online threats. Here are some best practices that you can do to keep you safe while you're online.

  • Always keep your software updated. - It is important that your computer software is up to date. It helps your computer free from viruses and other threats.
  • Make a strong and long passwords. - It helps to protect your accounts if you have strong and long passwords. Kahl Consultants also reminds you to update password at least once or twice a year.
  • Always think before you click. -  It is recommended to always think first before opening unfamiliar sites, ads, email before clicking it.
  • Be careful in using an open Wi-Fi!. - Always be carefull in using an open Wi-Fi! Since it is open and free it has a great risk for hackers and viruses.
  • Customize your privacy settings. -  It is important to customize your privacy settings on your online accounts and social media. Be careful in putting personal and confidential infomation online.

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