Where does all that junk mail come from? Well duh! From spammers of course! Right?

spamWell yes, but how do these people get your email address to send you all those unsolicited Viagra ads? Spammers get email addresses primarily from email lists created by legitimate web sites that sell these lists to spammers. Spammers also search the internet for email addresses as some viruses can attack Microsoft Outlook and copy your address book.

And this leads me right into my advice on how to fight spam - without spending any money.

Free Ways to Fight Spam

1) The "Clean Slate" Option

Switch to a brand new email address at your domain. A very effective approach. Be sure to tell your friends and colleagues and keep your old address active for a while until everyone has caught on. Once you have your new account be sure to follow number 2 below!

2) Only use your business email for business!

Do your shoppping and registering on the web with a free "disposable" email account. Get a free email account for all your private activities.

Recomendation: Gmail.com or Yahoo.com

3) Use a spam filter on your Computer

A spam filter on your email server may not be enough. So download, install, setup and reap the rewards of another level of spam filtration.

Our recommendation (get the free version):

4) Use Gmail as a Spam Filter

You can do this without using gmail for email, just use it for the very effective spam filter. You just set up a gmail account, redirect your regular eamil to go there and back to your inbox.



5) Use Gmail Plus-Addressing to Find out Who is Selling your Email Address

Who is selling your email address? You can use Google's Gmail's plus-addressing feature to find out!

You'll need to use a gmail email address for this trick. When you register or shop online edit your email as follows:
after your name add a "+" plus and a word describing where you are using the email.

Example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. becomes This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


6) Use Google Apps as an email server:

Yes, you can use Google Apps as your email server.




That's all today from the Spam Fighting Man! Good luck and let me kwow how it goes. And if Kahl Consultants can assist you with any of these let us know.

P.S. We also have a site dedicated to reducing Junk Mail (the snail mail type) and stopping Telemarketing. Check it out, it's called REDUCE JUNK MAIL.

Reduce Junk Mail