Environmental Forum of MarinThe Environmental Forum of Marin’s Master Class 41 which recently graduated includes Alex Kahl, founder and owner of Kahl Consultants. 

The Forum trains people to become environmental advocates, and was founded over 40 years ago by Dr. Marty Griffin, famous for his fight against development and urban sprawl in Marin County in the 1960s (as shown in the movie Rebels with a Cause). 

During the class Alex helped to organize a lecture and panel discussion at the Bay Model in Sausalito on Water Use and Reuse. As a class project Alex and classmates decided to help improve the water quality of the Marin Civic Center lagoon and nearby South Fork of Gallinas Creek. You can learn more about the Civic Center Watershed Restoration project here:

Upon graduating Alex Kahl has been invited by the Environmental Forum to help as a volunteer webmaster and internet consultant.