AquayaLearn provide safe drinking water in Africa Kahl Consultant client Aquaya, is an organization dedicated to increasing knowledge of how to provide safe drinking water to poor people in poor countries.

We take for granted that the water coming through our taps is safe to drink, and that, barring a major catastrophe like Katerina, water will come through the tap!  But, of course, that is not the case in many places in the world.

We invite our readers to support Aquaya's LEARN program as part of your personal charitable giving. LEARN is dedicated to increasing the number and capability of African professionals who are learning how to generate the knowledge needed to have safe, reliable, sustainable water systems.

The LEARN program operates from Aquaya's Kenya Office:

1.    Interns are recruited from Kenyan Universities and Government agencies; and

2.    Interns are assigned to on†going Aquaya research programs.

Here's what Aquaya says about this program:

Given the early success of AquayaLearn, we seek to expand the initiative by extending intern recruitment to additional African countries; and developing dedicated research topics for AquayaLearn interns. To achieve these goals, we are increasing our AquayaLearn fundraising in order to support a full€ -time PhD level research manager and a half-€ time administrative manager.

The Aquaya web site is where you can learn more about the organization and donate through a secure web-based portal (at the bottom right of the Aquaya website).