Need some free photos from NASA?


NASA and the Internet Archive (a non-profit digital library) have collaborated on a new website that offers the most comprehensive collection of photos and videos from the space program for free dowloads!

21 major NASA imagery collections are now available in one single, searchable online resource. This treasure trove of discoveries for students, historians, enthusiasts and researchers is at:

The site covers America's space program from Apollo moon missions to the Hubble Space Telescope. Keyword searching is available with easy-to-use resources for teachers and students.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look and be amazed!


Saturn's Moon Enceladus close up


My friend Peter sent me a link to an amazing collection of photos beamed back from a tiny icy moon orbiting Saturn. If you like photos from outer space you will really enjoy these images!

The Moon is called Enceladus and NASA's Cassini orbiter has recently had some very close approaches - as close as 15 miles from the surface.

Astronomers around the world will be very busy the next few years deciphering what all this data means.

Enceladus is an active Moon, it emits internal heat that helps to keep its surface active. They call this "cryovolcanism" where ice particles are ejected out into Saturnian orbit.

Cassini has another close flyby of Enceladus scheduled for tomorrow, Halloween!

Enceladus Up Close: