Have you heard of Yelp.com yet? Yelp is a great tool for customers and also for local business owners.

Yelp, Inc. is a Web 2.0 company based in San Francisco and very popular in the Bay Area. They operate a social networking, user review, and local search web site.

But did you know that Yelp has been accused of BLACKMAIL and EXTORTION. Don't let them do this to you!

That's right, we do NOT recommend paying yelp for a business account. Spend your marketing dollar on something else.

Let me explain why.

Here is a typical yelp page for a restaurant:

It contains an ad for a competitor at the top. One advantage of upgrading to a paid business account is that Yelp will remove the competitor ad at the top of your listing. Sounds a lot like EXTORTION, don't you agree?

Why would you pay money to remove this little ad when:
(a) visitors can click from your yelp page to other yelp pages in seconds, with or without the ad.
(b) many internet users IGNORE sponsored listings online
(c) most yelp visitors want to read the USER comments

What can you do? Simple! Keep asking you happiest customers to leave more honest reviews on website such as yelp.com

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