Kahl Consultants CCPA California Consumer Privacy Act

What is CCPA?

CCPA is a California state law that protects consumers' privacy.

It gives CA consumers ownership and control of their personal information collected on business websites.

California Consumer Privacy Act is broader than GDPR, residents of California also has the right to learn why their data is collected.

Summary of recommended changes to make your website CCPA compliant:

  • Update Privacy Policy
  • Include Opt-Out checkboxes where data is collected
  • Provide cookie notifications
  • Publicize easy access to personal data
  • Create a system to verify the identities of anyone requesting user data
  • Develop a system to alert users of privacy policy changes or data breaches

Is Your Website CCPA compliant?

Start by asking:

  • What kind of personal information you are collecting and/or processing
  • How are you collecting and processing it
  • Why do you need it and what are you using it for
  • Who are you sharing the personal data with or selling the data to
  • How can consumers access, change or delete any personal data that you possess
  • How will you verify the identity of the individual or household making the request
  • Once you understand your data collection this should be communicated via an online privacy policy in order to ensure a CCPA-compliant website.
  • CCPA requires your website to have an opt-out checkbox and a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link on the homepage. An opt-out checkbox must be placed everywhere your website collects data, e.g. e-newsletter subscription forms.

Severe penalties await the business owners who don't comply with this bill. If you're unsure if your website has complied, you can contact Kahl Consultants for additional assistance. Know more about CCPA.