European wineries have been doing it for decades, here in California the idea of recycling cork has only started to catch on in recent years.

That's right, cork can be recycled

The cork from wine bottles does not have to end up in a landfill. It can be recycled into many useful products.  And I'm not talking about this idea.

You can also collect cork and use it to create your own cork board or for other fun projects.

Here are some interestesting cork recycling initiatives:


ReCORK, the world's largest producer of wine bottle corks, is trying to get wine drinkers to recycle cork in a big way.

The ReCORK site has a list of places you can drop off your cork.

For more details check out the North Bay Biz article "A Cork of a Different Color"

Cork ReHarvestCork ReHarvest & Whole Foods Markets

Cork ReHarvest has finally convinced an large US grocery chain to recycle cork. Thank you to Whole Foods for allowing us to recycle our cork with your company-wide wine cork recycling program!

Ready? Set? Go!

Start collecting cork to recycle!