Energy Training and Business Advisory Holmwood Consulting Ltd

Kahl Consultants have finished website revamp and online promotion for our client Holmwood Consulting.  An energy training and business advisor company based in Europe.

Holmwood Consulting Limited is an international provider of top industry training and consultancy in LNG, Natural Gas and Energy offering independent business advice, management consulting, executive briefing and energy training.

As a focused LNG, Natural Gas, Oil and broader Energy consultancy, Holmwood Consulting Limited with its in-depth knowledge of the global energy markets and developments delivers independent strategic consultancy, key market analysis, executive briefing and training services.


LNG, Natural Gas & Energy

Holmwood Consulting Limited delivers knowledge transfer through objective advice, training and consulting to address the real and differing business issues that clients are facing around the world helping them to resolve their unique challenges. Beyond just informed third party comment, we actively seek to give our clients the real information required to take the critical decisions that move businesses forwards. It helps its clients achieve these clear business goals by flexibly applying the Energy and broader Industry expertise of its principal, and selectively utilizing the wide experience and extensive knowledge base of our Associates, who have worked for many years as Directors, senior managers and industry business professionals.

Holmwood Consulting operates in primary areas:

1.     Industry Training:

The primary service provided by Holmwood Consulting Limited is Capability Building, Knowledge Transfer and Executive Briefing for international client companies – both direct contracted and via third-party providers. We have an established international reputation and are widely involved with training and capability building on commercial, markets, trading and technical aspects across the whole of the LNG supply chain, and in the oil and natural gas industries. Building on the core energy industry knowledge and proven business skills of its principal and a select network of top experts, we continuously endeavour to develop new courses and to lead market requirements across LNG and broader energy. The involvement doesn’t usually stop at the end of any knowledge transfer activity as much of our activity is repeat business with clients and delegates continuing to seek advice from us well after the training has finished.

Holmwood Consulting creates customised energy training, provides key executive briefings and gives in-company courses reflecting both specified needs and our areas of expertise to develop or update our clients’ staff. Classroom training gives participants the opportunity to interact with a live instructor and other trainees and, we believe embeds key learning more effectively. Such tailored, instructor led courses are designed to be interactive in nature and can be industry knowledge or business skill based. There really is no educational system provided that is worth more than learning from the experience of a 30-year veteran in the industry.

Holmwood Consulting Limited’s knowledge transfer occurs primarily via two types of training provision:

(i) In-company courses, Executive Briefings and Workshops

(ii) Public courses and Seminars

Holmwood Consulting Limited seeks to ensure that all such developed courses emphasize practical learning by encompassing interactive sessions, current market case studies, syndicate study exercises and, where appropriate, challenging debate to ensure a high level of attendee participation and knowledge transfer. Delegates are typically drawn from NOCs, IOCs, natural gas companies, LNG shipping companies, trading organizations, Regulators and Government Ministries, equipment & service companies and professional service firms, as well as financial institutions that serve the Oil & Gas business.

2.     Business Advisory and Consulting

Holmwood Consulting provides a distinctive approach by active involvement in the global business, challenging the conventional industry norms and in some cases forecasting trends. Change and volatility are perhaps the only constants in the global energy marketplace today, but change should not be feared as it brings opportunity for many industry players. Small in size, Holmwood Consulting Limited has proven ability to deliver real and lasting value with a growing reputation built around providing top quality, in-depth, objective delivery and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

It also increasingly makes sense to have a knowledgeable external third-party involved as a “Trusted Adviser” or “Client Friend” in natural gas and LNG projects, in much the same way as using an architect often ends up saving money on building projects, even the comparatively small ones.

Holmwood Consulting Limited is wholly focused on the energy sector and welcomes the opportunity to discuss client issues and propose a delivery approach to assignments using an appropriate combination of our Principal and Associates. This allows us to effectively provide the best possible approach at key levels within an organization covering typically:

  •                Strategic: Gas Market Studies, New Market Entry, Development of LNG
  •                Tactical: Gas Market Review and Analysis, LNG Exports & Imports, Commercial & Pricing, Trading and Logistics
  •          Operational: Commercial and Contractual Management, Specification and Evaluation of support systems/ procedures

Holmwood Consulting welcomes the opportunity to discuss client issues and propose an approach for the development of the required insights.

The People

An independent, professionally based specialist industry training and business advisory company, Holmwood Consulting Limited provides consultants with a strong mixture of hands-on international energy and diverse business backgrounds. Holmwood Consulting Limited provides a core team who are highly qualified, with most having first degrees and many with post-graduate qualifications together with a record of proven success and demonstrated accomplishment across the international energy and utilities industry over many years.

For more information about LNG, Natural Gas and Energy consultancy and training contact Leigh Bolton of  Holmwood Consulting at telephone +44 (0)20 8408 3696.