band aidFirst Aid Kits contain:

During a disaster normal supplies may not be accessible. Have first aid kits in your home, work place, and vehicle.

Medication and medical supplies, first aid manual, hygiene items and tools like scissors and bandages.

*First Aid Kit

Put this kit in a separate container and keep with your home kit.

band aidfirst aidspecial medication needed by family (e.g. asthma spray)

first aidfirst aid manual

first aidlist of doctors

first aidscissors - to cut clothing on victims to expose wounds, cut bandages

first aidroller bandage (Kerlex, Kling) - to wrap over dressings and secure splints

first aid4 rolls 4- X 4-inch gauze pads - used to cover lacerations and abrasions (10 to 20 pads)

first aidSanitary napkins used to control excessive bleeding......2 to 4 pads

first aid1 and 2-inch adhesive tape - to secure dressings and bandages (change every 6 months) - 1 of each

first aidBand-Aids - 1 box

first aidChemical ice packs - to reduce swelling of strains and sprains - 2 packs

first aidSterile water - to flush wounds and cool burns.......1 quart

first aidAntiseptic solution - to cleanse wounds......1 bottle

first aidTriangular bandage - to secure broken arms, shoulder dislocations, or as a wrap for splints can be purchased or made from old sheets.....2 bandages

first aidDisinfectant

first aidtweezers, and sterile needles for splinters.....1 each

first aidAce bandage - for wrapping sprains.......1 bandage

first aidPain relief tablets (aspirin)

first aidPocket mask used for CPR

first aidPen light or mini flashlight

first aidLatex Gloves

band aid*E.R.T. Kit

First you should take an Emergency Response course. Then you will need an ERT Kit

first aidHelmet, gloves, eye protection, dust mask, knee pads

first aidLatex gloves

first aidDuct tape, masking tape

first aidUtility shut off tools

first aidTools for prying, cutting, striking and battering

first aidladder

first aidCarpentry tools

first aidshovel

first aidrope

first aidMarker pens in various colors

first aidwhistle

first aidNote pad and pens/pencils in zip-lock bag

first aidE.R.T. manual and forms


These are your own personal supplies to be used if you get injured. They should be in no way considered a cache of supplies for E.R.T. medical operation. For those operations you will have to improvise and use what ever items that are on hand or that you can create from something else.

first aidScissors - good pair of medical scissors

first aid4- X 4-inch gauze pads - 5 or 6 to be used as bandages for large cuts

first aidAdhesive tape - one roll of 1 inch tape

first aidSanitary napkins - used to control excessive bleeding 2 to 4 pads

first aidBand-Aids 4 or 5 strips for small cuts

first aidAntiseptic solution - used to cleanse wounds 1 bottle

first aidLatex Gloves