John Ellsworth of ProtexSports hired Kahl Consultants for online marketing of services they offer. ProtexSports is a sports psychology consulting and mental game coach for athletes, parents, coaches, and teams. 

What is Sport Psychology?

The study of behavior factors that influence and are influenced by active participation in sport, exercise, and physical activity is called sports psychology.

Psychology in sport works with the mental aspects of sport performance such as improving mental toughness, regaining composure, increasing confidence or refining focus. Coaches focus on the strategic and physical components of competition and technical skills, however, sports psychology professionals strive to enhance the minds of athletes to help identify triggers that negatively impact performance. As a result athletes are more equipped to handle the pressures of competition, overcome negative thoughts or beliefs, enter the zone more easily and remain focused for longer periods of time. All of these skills lead to improved performance and a stronger, champion mindset!

What services are provided by a sport psychology professional?

Mental Game professionals work with individuals, groups and organizations on the psychological factors which performance such as:

  •              Confidence Development
  •              Focus/Concentration Skills
  •              Composure in Competitive Environments
  •              Goal Setting
  •              Pre-Game Routine Development
  •              Positive Self Talk
  •              Distraction Control
  •              Tool for Relaxation
  •              Solutions to Burnout
  •              Parent Education


The mission of the Protex Sports Psychology Programs is to promote the student and professional athlete’s mental game learning and development. Consistent with Protex Sports mission to “educate the whole person”, our sport psychology program promotes the academic, social, emotional, spiritual, athletic and personal development of all athletes using applied sport psychology principles in a sport performance setting. Through a process of identifying the fears, mental barriers and other mental skills challenges, we are able to develop strategies to find and build on success. We believe that a healthy, mentally tough mindset is the key element to improving performance and creating confidence. This unique approach is the very core of our mental skills training program and is used to assist athletes to achieve new heights in their athletic performance, and personal lives.

About John Ellsworth

John Ellsworth holds a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology with a specialization in sports psychology and is presently a doctoral candidate in the field. John brings a multifaceted approach to the mental aspects of sports and health. Combined with his expertise in clinical and applied sports psychology, John has extensive experience coaching, teaching, and consulting with professional, elite, college, high school, and middle school athletes. In addition, John’s personal success in professional and amateur sports is testament to his ability to apply the concepts he teaches: goal setting, perseverance, life balance, belief in self, and mastery of the mental game.  John is available to consult and counsel with athletes at all levels, sports teams, coaches, families, and organizations. John is also available for workshops and seminars. 


Sports Psychology for Individuals, Teams, Coaches, Kids, and Sports Parents

                One-On-One Mental Game Coaching

                Team Mental Game Coaching

                Coaching Consultation/Educational Services

                One-One Coaching for Sports Parents/Parents & Athletes Coaching

                Sports Specific Mental Game Coaching

                Sports Mechanics for Baseball and Golf

                Triathlon and Multi Sport Training                            


Sports psychology and mental game consulting and coaching services                                                                                                                                              

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