Business Research

Marketing pros say the three most important things to do to market anything successfully are to test, test, and test. That is good advice. But it is unrealistic for small businesses that cannot shell out big bucks for sophisticated research.  

You do not need money to learn about your market. If you know what to look for and where to find it, you can obtain crucial information for free.

Ten Basic Questions

1. What should you market — your goods, your services, or both?
2. Should your marketing feature some sort of price advantage?
3. Should you emphasize yourself, your quality offerings, your selection, your service, or merely the existence of your business?
4. Should you take on your competition or ignore all competitors?
5. Exactly who are your competitors?
6. Who are your best prospects?
7. What income groups do they represent?
8. What motivates them to buy?
9. Where do they live?
10. What do they read or watch or listen to in the way of media?