Bay Area Green BusinessSo you want to go green with your nonprofit or small business? And you'd like a nice award or certificate to prove to everyone that you are indeed going green?

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area theĀ Bay Area Green Business Program is not that hard for businesses to join, since many of the requirements are multiple choice (as in "meet 3 of the following 5 requirements").

Kahl Consultants did not have to make changes at all, we managed to meet the requirements without any additional expenses or efforts (aside from filling out a questionnaire and going through an on-site audit). However we had already invested in green items such as energy efficiency, solar power, water conservation, recycling, and so on.

In Marin County, CA, there is an additional level of green certification called the Marin County Sustainable Partners Program. Kahl Consultants was one of the first companies to receive the Sustainable Partner award, and it was considerably more difficult to achieve certification than for the Bay Area Green Business Program.

Greeen AmericaAnother popular green certification is GREEN AMERICA's Green Business Seal of Approval, which Kahl Consultants received in 2010.You can learn more about the green aspects of Kahl Consultants in our Green Business section.

Are you interested in going green with your company or nonprofit? The key to going green is to start right away with the "low hanging fruit" (the easy steps) and then commit to doing regular improvements - across the board - over time.