greenchip_sm21.jpgIt's easy to be green!

Our GREEN PC section is here to help you be green!

Green PCs are good for you and good for your planet!

What is a Green PC?

  • Energy saving computer designed to minimize power use
  • Draws less power than normal PCs
  • Powers down when inactive (sleep mode)
  • Designed for upgrading and recycling
  • Less packaging materials

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What is E-waste - CalRecycle article on electronic waste
The Green PC Revisited - PC Mag article about green PCs, desktops and laptops
Buy Greener Electronics - How to find green electronics
How to Buy a Green PC- Computer Shopper article


Where Can I Donate or Recycle My Old Computer and Other Electronic Products? - Links and info from the EPA
10 Tips for Donating a Computer - How to donate your used equipment
Computer and Electronics Recycling Organizations- CA directory of organizations that collect electronic equipment for reuse or recycling
Computer Recycling Center - Full-service collection, reuse, and refurbishment program with several locations in CA
Recycled Computer Products Links - Environment Web Directory shows
EHSO Directory of Computer Recycling Programs - Where and How to Recycle Old TV sets, Computers, Printers, Cell Phones and Other Household Consumer Products and Electronics in the USA
Recycling Centers - State Electronics Recycling Programs and Policies
MCRC - Marin County Computer Resource Center is a nonprofit environmental charity that recycles household electronics and gives away free refurbished computers. Located in Novato, CA
Renew Computers - Computer Recycers in San Rafael, CA


Electronics Take Back Coalition - promoting green design and responsible electronics recycling


Call 2 Recycle - Battery Recycling
IBM and the Environment - learn what IBM is doing to be green.

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Computer Display Project - Research on LCA and impacts of computer monitors

EPA ENERGY STAR - Government energy performance rating system for products and practices


Kahl Consultants Software - check what we have to offer!

IPSE - Introduction to Passive Solar  Energy

SolArch - Solar Architecture Design