WordpressHave you noticed that Wordpress automatically edits out multiple line spaces? In fact, Wordpress has a pretty tough time with a variety of spaces that work just fine in regular text editing software.

This is because normal HTML text simply does not accept multiple line returns or multiple spaces.

For additional line spacing, you have to use some form of HTML coding or a workaround.

But don't worry, here are some ways to trick the Wordpress Editor;

  • Make a universal rule for all paragraph (p) tags in CSS to increase the spacing between all paragraphs.
  • Insert a blank spaces gif image
  • Add code to create a space
  • CSS tricks
  • Additional HTML tricks

All these should be used when you are in the Wordpress Dashboard in the HTML post editor.

A) Vertical Spacing in Wordpress

1. Blank lines:
add this code:

<div style="height:12px;"> </div>
<div style="visibility:hidden;height:12px;"> </div>

2. Line spacing ("leading"):
add this code:

<p style="line-height:1.4;">

B) Horizontal Spacing in Wordpress

3. Single space:
add this code:


NOTE: This trick is adjustable - it can be used it more than once in succession.

4. Creating space by using invisible characters:
add this code:

<span style="visibility:hidden;">PUT_CHARACTERS_HERE</span> INVISIBLE_CHARACTER

NOTE: This trick is adjustable by the number of characters typed in.

5. Distance between letters ("kerning"):
add this code:

<span style="letter-spacing:6">PUT_TEXT_HERE</span>

6. Distance between words:
add this code:

<span style="word-spacing:32">PUT_TEXT_HERE</span>

NOTE: Tricks 5 and 6 are adjustable: "span" is meant for words or phrases within a paragraph; for a single complete paragraph you use "p" instead.

C - Copy and pasting text that is preformatted (NOT RECOMMENDED)

<pre style="font:inherit;">

This code is supposed to retain the original formatting of any copy and pasted text. But usually it only retains some elements and not all formatting details. Therefore it is not recommended at this time.