Aquarela, Philippine based Brazilian Jazz group
You know you like that song but just don't know where to find it. You know it should be available online but don't know where to begin searching. You could also be researching for your composition but don't know where to begin.
Well, here are some easy ways to find, listen, and download those songs from your favorite artists. And a lot of these ways are FREE!

It doesn't sound like a music library, but it is. has a great free collection of videos AND it is the home for the WAYBACK MACHINE, where you can see what a website looked like in the past. 

On top of that tons of FREE music that you can listen to and download. The songs here are primarily LIVE performances by a large variety of bands and artists - so search for your favorites and listen to a live rendition of your favorite songs!

Music Band allows you to listen to your favorite tunes online for FREE. Searching by song or artist is a breeze. It also allows user account creation so you may be able to save your playlist and favorites! Sorry no downloads, just plenty of free tunes matching your taste.

Right now this site is only available to listeners in the USA. Other similar sites may be available in other countries. 

Try checking out a similar music site at


BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data - such as music. 

If you're a bit computer-savvy and familiar with how peer-to-peer file sharing works, bittorrent is an great tool for you. Basically you download small "starter" files in torrent format and then run these to download the actual files you want. 

Bittorrent is a great distributions system for downloading ANY kind of file, from software to videos and of course for music fans there are lots and lots of tunes! You can get songs, entire albums, even entire artist catalogs - from the most popular to the rarest vinyl releases. All you need is bittorrent software and some bandwidth.

Get started:

  1. Download a Bittorrent Client (for example
  2. Install Bittorrent client
  3. Visit a website with torrent files. Search for "Bittorrent Music" to find the latest torrent websites
    that contain music. Or check the list at
  1. Search for your artist/song/album.
  2. Download and Run the torrent file. The torrent client (e.g. utorrent) will open. Click OK and take note of the download folder location. This is where your files will be saved on completion.
  3. Open your music files in a player appropriate for your music. VLC is a good free media player.


Another method of getting free music is with an advanced google search. You can search for specific files on a specific website - say to find a song by your favorite artist. A good place to look is on file sharing websites. 

The advanced Google search string basically comprises of your artist or song name plus the file-sharing website name. Anything inside quotation marks tells Google to look for that exact string. Example:

"artist name"
"song name"

For example: "amazing grace"
This would lead you to a variety of versions of the song Amazing Grace

Those search strings tell Google to search for "artist name" and "song name" specifically on a specific site. 

Some file sharing sites to try:

Google is also good for so many other even more complex searches. If you are looking for something specific and not having any luck then you might want to experiment with more detailed search strings, for example:

* -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified"
+"parent directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3) "Nirvana"

Just substitute the term "Nirvana" for any artist or album you might be looking for. Your search could lead you to open indexes that contain downloadable music files.

Now go rock!