SpamReduce Junk Mail

Junk email or "spam" is so annoying!

Rule 1: NEVER reply to spam!

Don't wait for better laws and technology to stop spam. Act now!

Here is some help in the meantime.


Why Spam sucks:

  • Wastes your time
  • Wastes download time
  • Drains ISP resources
  • Virus hazard
  • Offensive content
  • Clutters your mailbox Spam - General Information
- Teaches you the basics about spam

FTC Spam Site
- Useful advice from the US government about spam
Fight Spam on the Internet!Anti-spam banner
- Campaign to fight spam on the internet

How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, and Telemarketers
- By Fred Elbel

- helps you report spam

WpoisonTM Web Poisoning Tool
- Free tool to combat junk E-Mail by thwarting efforts of junk E-Mailers who scan web pages to harvest E-Mail addresses. Add this link to your page or look at it to see how it works!
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