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  These are some of the best space exploration sites. Warp speed for news and info! Links open up in new windows.  

THE BESTmeteor
Galileo - Jupiter explorer
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - NASA JPL
Planetary Society - Premier public space explorers

THE RESTmeteor
General News, Links, Media...
Solar System Our Sun, Planets, Comets...
Organizations - JPL, TPS, SETI


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AstroNews - our monthly newsletter is free!
exoScience - Astronomy, exobiology, astrophysics forum*****
Sky and Telescope News - from the Editors of Sky and Telescope Magazine*****




Sky and Telescope Magazine - 200,000 people worldwide read this monthly, from the novice ready to purchase a first scope, to the enthusiastic amateur looking to enhance observing skills and equipment, to the professional desiring to keep up with this dynamically changing field.*****
SKY Online - Sky Publishing Corp.***


Celestial Calendar - this site sells an Orbital Calendar - a beautiful Time Space map to show you where you are!
Backyard Astronomy - with Paul Mortfield The Backyard Astronomer

The Heavens with Paul Mortfeld- The Backyard Astronomer tells you what you can see up in the heavens this week
Weather Underground Sky - if you live in the USA just enter you ZIP code and a map shows what is visible tonight!****



AstroWeb - Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet


Astronomy Day - Bringing Astronomy To The PeoplePhotos

Celestial Wonders - Italian astrophotography site; deep sky and eclipses
Discover the universe with astronomy books!
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Solar System

SolEarthJupiterMarsComets & Meteors
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Solar System Simulator - this amazing NASA/JPL/Caltech simulator creates a color image of your favorite planet or satellite from any given location.*****



Weather Report - Satellite photos of earth are here at
TerraServer - AstroNews featured GlobalSite 6/99 - a massive database of detailed satellite photograph*****
Earth and Moon Viewer - create color images from almost any point of view*****
Yahoo Earth Pictures
Terra Earth Observatory Satellite - several instruments and sensors studying earth science and producing amazing images ****



Mars Global Surveyor - NSSDC site describes the Surveyor mission.
Mars Global Surveyor - This JPL site has great new images!
Mars Pathfinder Mission - remeber the rover?
JPL Mars Exploration Program - has the latest shots from Mars*****

Mars Image Mosaics - Digital Mars maps using Viking images
Deep Space 2 - Mars Microprobe spacecraft



Galileo Space Probe

The "son of Voyager" is taking a closer look at Jupiter and it's moons - right now!

Galileo- Official JPL mission site*****
Io- Io, Io, it's off to Io we go
New Images - JPL
Satellite Science Goals
SSI Education and Public Outreach (SEPO) Website


Comets & Meteors

Great balls of Ice...

SKY Online's Comet Page

Leonids Live! - NASA Webcasts of the 1998 meteor storm.

Hale Bopp

Forget Halley's - this was the comet of the century!

Comet Hale-Bopp - at
Comet Hale-Bopp Links - JPL
Comet Hale-Bopp - links

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JPL: the "big kahuna" of space scienceinstitutes.
Galileo - JPL runs the show for this major Jupiter explorer****
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - NASA JPL

Planetary Society

Been a TPS member since the beginning (early 1980's). They even sent my name to Mars on a disk (care of Pathfinder). These guys are the pioneers of the last frontier. If you want to explore new worlds, JOIN.

The Planetary Society
Planetary Society
- The premier public space exploration organization



SETI@home- search for extraterrestrial life on your computer!*****