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How To Open iPhone Photos in Windows

Kahl Consultants How To Open Photos From iPhone on Windows

You've taken photos with your iPad or iPhone? Now you want to transfer them to your PC? You may find that you can't copy photos or videos from your Apple Gadgets.

Kahl Consultants has you covered! Let us show you how to open photos from an iPhone under Windows.

PHP 8 is out!

Kahl Consultants Php 8 Is Out

What is PHP and why is it Important?

The acronym PHP stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" which means it is a computer language. This open-source language is used to build websites and web applications, and it helps to run website servers. So it is used by website tools such as WordPress. A PHP file may contain text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP Code. When PHP code is executed it is displayed in a browser as HTML.