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Email Netiquette - 7 Common Email Mistakes

Email Netiquette

Email has been around for decades, high time to clean up your communications!

Kahl Consultants loves giving advice on "NETIQUETTE" to help customers with digital communication.

We hope you'll help both yourself and others by eliminating these seven common email mistakes.

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Wordpress 4.8.3 Update

WordPress Update

Do you have a Wordpress CMS website? Then you're familiar with the need for regular security and maintenance updates.

WordPress 4.8.3 is now available. This is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. This release includes a change in behaviour for the esc_sql() function.

Dubai plans to build a huge "Mars City"

Mars Science City Project

Mars Science City Project

As the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai is one of the fast growing economy in the Middle East. They are now planning to build a "Mars City" for us to experience to live on the red planet.

With the help of internationally-renowned architect Bjarke Ingels, they will build a prototype of Mars in the middle of the desert. This project is cost nearly $135 million and will cover 1.9 million square feet.