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Running Out of Storage? External Drive Pros and Cons

Kahl Consultants Running Out of Storage Pros and Cons of External Hard Drives

Protecting your data is more important than ever. Running out of storage capacity can be a nightmare. Photos, documents, financial records - all your personal files on your devices are susceptible to hardware failure, software glitches, even ransomware.

What's more important - antivirus software or a good backup? Backups!
External hard drives come in many options. We encourage you to use an external hard drive along with a good backup system.

Optimize Your Social Media Images

Kahl Consultants Optimize Your Social Media Images

Best Practices for Engaging Images

There are tons of photos on all Social Media platforms, and with so much competition, how do your photos stand out? We’ve got some tips for creating effective social media images that can captivate your audience.