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Use Less Paper: Go Digital, Cut Waste

Reduce Junk Mail

Learn How to Reduce Junk Mail

Using less paper is an easy way to make your office more environmentally friendly.

We all have ways we can use less paper. One of the easiest steps is to unsubscribe to paper catalogs and to reduce junk mail.

July 10 Marin Green Drinks

Marin Green Drinks

Movie Night! with Maya Khosla

Our next Marin Green Drinks is on July 10, 2018 (Tuesday). Our guest speaker is Maya Khosla, Wildlife Filmmaker and Biologist and she will share with us a Movie Night! Preview "Firewise: The Scientists Speak" and "Searching for the GOLD SPOT - The Wild After Wildfire"

“What could be left after wildfire?” SEARCHING FOR THE GOLD SPOT is a film about the amazing comeback of life in forests of California after wildfire. Maya documented a John Muir Project team from the Earth Island Institute that were searching for black-backed woodpeckers in the Sierras. In 2017 it was an official Wildlife Conservation Film Festival selection and showed at the Bioneers Conference.