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Goodbye Flash

Goodbye Adobe Flash

2020 is Really the End for Flash

Adobe Flash has been widely used since 2005 after Adobe acquired Macromedia. Flash has been used in many software platforms including animation, websites, desktop and mobile applications. Flash is also used to display vector graphics for video games and animations.

Bioneers at Marin Green Drinks

October Marin Green Drinks

2019 Annual Bioneers Conference

In October at Marin Green Drinks our guest speaker is Stephanie Welch from the Bioneers. Kahl Consultants is a Bioneer and we invite you to join us. Stephanie will tell us about the upcoming 30th annual Bioneers Conference which is coming to the Marin Center in San Rafael this October.

Let Your Change Make A Change

Kahl Consultants Make A Change

Make your change count! Have you seen a homeless person on the street today? Most of the homeless people clearly are in need but giving on the street encourages panhandling. Put Your Change to Work offers an easy and unique way to help the homeless. Redirect your generosity through a meter-based donation program that benefits Downtown Streets Team in San Rafael.