Green America Green Business Seal of Approval Kahl Consultants Small Business Web Services has been awarded the Green America Business Seal of Approval. The seal is presented to businesses that go beyond product and service quality to set the highest standards in environmental sustainability and social justice, and work to solve, rather than create, environmental and social problems.

To be considered for the Seal of Approval and earn a listing in the annual National Green PagesTM, businesses complete a rigorous screening process to ensure they meet Green America's standards for the environment, community and labor.

Kahl Consultants' Founder and President Alex Kahl is an environmental and energy consultant whose knowledge of environmental business practices ensures that Kahl Consultants is constantly reducing its environmental impact and actively promoting green practices with its clients and partners.

"We are thrilled to earn this coveted Seal of Approval," said Kahl. "It's one of the most respected and recognized symbols in the green marketplace and a powerful way to set Kahl Consultants apart as a leader in its field."

Kahl Consultants is solar powered as well as energy efficient. Its water conservation measures include using water-saving fixtures, graywater (recycled water), and collected rainwater. Its landscaping features drought-tolerant native plants. The company educates visitors on how to reduce junk mail, junk faxes, and spam. It avoids working with socially and environmentally destructive corporations.

Kahl Consultants is certified as a Bay Area Green Business. The Green Business Program recognizes businesses that demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations, conserve energy, water, and other materials, implement environmental practices that prevent pollution, and share environmentally responsible practices with other businesses.

With the award of the Seal of Approval, Kahl Consultants is now an Approved member of the Green Business Network, a distinguished and celebrated group of companies that use their products and services as a vehicle for social and environmental change.

More on Green America and the Green Business Network
The Green Business Network (GBN) offers a vibrant community of over 4,000 environmentally and socially responsible businesses, the oldest and largest of its kind in the US. GBN is powered by Green America, a non-profit whose mission is to harness the economic power of consumers and businesses to create a more just and sustainable economy. More information on GBN can be found at

More on Kahl Consultants
Kahl Consultants is a certified green, solar powered business serving small business and nonprofit clients worldwide since 1996. Based in San Rafael, CA, it services hundreds of satisfied customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin County and Sonoma County, as well as national and international clients. Its mission is to help small business and nonprofits with online technology in an environmentally and socially conscious manner.