Kahl Consultants client, Kamman Hydrology & Engineering, is a natural resources consulting firm, which offers services for restoration of watershed, wetlands, estuarine. Kahl Consultants is pleased to help Kamman Hydrology for their online marketing promotion for their services.

natural resources consulting firm

Did you know Kamman Hydrology & Engineering, Inc. (KHE) is a natural resources consulting firm specializing in watershed, wetlands, estuarine and coastal protection, restoration and enhancement?  

Since 1997, KHE has been providing clients with innovative solutions and sustainable designs that maximize ecological values in every land use context from National Park to the urban corridor.

Integrating hydrology, engineering, geology, water quality and geomorphic sciences, KHE provides clients with an understanding the physical systems and biological linkages critical for sustainable water and ecological resource restoration and management. It is the unique nature, challenge and opportunity at each site that inspires our work.

Make KHE your resource for:

Wetland, Stream and Floodplain Restoration Design: concept plans to final plans and specifications

Water Resources, Estuarine and Coastal Lagoon Management

Watershed, Geomorphic and Sediment Transport Assessment

Flood Hazard Reduction Assessment

Surface and Ground Water Supply, Management and Impact Assessment

Hydrologic/Geomorphic/Water Quality Field Investigations

Water Supply and Water Supply Impact Assessment

Numerical modeling of seasonal and tidal wetland and watershed processes

Hydrologic Water Balance, Base flow and Unimpaired Flow Analysis

Salmonid habitat restoration

KHE is a woman-owned business and registered small business in the state of California.


KHE’s mission is to design and implement sustainable natural resources management protection, enhancement and restoration in watershed, river, wetland and coastal systems utilizing engineering, hydrology, geomorphology and applied earth sciences.

KHE provides every client with:

science based, ecological resource oriented solutions;

innovative, technically sound and defensible analysis;

continuity between field studies, technical analysis and documentation; and,

accurate, timely and cost efficient assistance throughout the life of every project.


KHE provides SERVICES grounded in understanding the linkages between hydrology, geomorphic processes and ecological function in support of natural resources enhancement and protection.  Our projects address sensitive plant, wildlife and fish habitat, and require an understanding and balance of scientific, regulatory, and economic issues and objectives. KHE services are typically undertaken on public lands in the context of local, state (CEQA) and federal statutes (NEPA), and other regulatory frameworks.

Coastal and Estuarine Analysis

Ecological Restoration Planning and Design

Education and Public Outreach

Engineering Design

Fluvial Geomorphology and Sediment Transport Assessment

Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling

River and Watershed Assessment

Stream Flow, Tidal Influence Sediment and Groundwater Monitoring

Water Supply and Water Quality Assessment

For water resources engineering and earth science consulting services call Kamman Hydrology & Engineering at 415-491-9600. Visit the http://kammanhydrology.com/ .