How to save batteries

Got a laptop or tablet like the amazing iPad? Those devices run off batteries that usually only last a few hours. Now you want to maximize how long your battery lasts, right?

The display screen, processor, CD/DVD drive, and hard drive use the MOST battery power. 

Here are six ways to maximize battery operating time:

  • Reduce screen brightness. Each device has a keyboard shortcut. On most Press Fn+F7 to reduce the display brightness and to select a short wait for your screen saver.
  • Do not use a normal screen saver that generates a lot of graphics or motion. In your device settings set your monitor to use Sleep or Hibernation mode. 
  • Turn off your device when you are not using it.
  • Reduce audio volume or use headphones.
  • Exit programs connecting to a modem or wifi network when you are not using them. Work offline.
  • Remove CDs or DVDs when you are not using them.