Kahl Consultants client, Inorgen proposes general management services to life science industry companies and investment funds to develop operations in Europe.

Inorgen hired Kahl Consultants for online marketing and website revamped for their business.


Life Science management service offer by InorgenThe healthcare market in Europe is increasing in complexity with growing challenges:

 • Presence of a multitude of decision makers that influence the success of the products

 • Local specificities and cultural differences with stakeholders, providers, clients, opinion leaders and consultants that have a say in the development of company activities

 • People and countries with increasing interaction that have different rules, practices and languages

 • Need to support evidence and practice along the whole product lifecycle


 To face these challenges in a complex and competitive business environment, Inorgen proposes permanent and temporary management services with entrepreneurial approach, strategic focus and excellence in execution.

 The offer is adapted to the company needs and it focuses on:

 •  Formulation of a sound and concentration strategy and action plan to access the market

 •  Management of an organization with solid business practices across different countries

 •  Sourcing of key talents to ensure the success of the global initiative

 •  Generating recurrent business that provides solid and constant results

 •  Alignment of expectations to the reality of the market to the capacity to deliver by the organisation


 • The Inorgen offer is supported by the experience of its founder, in particular:

 • Experience in the key areas that relate to general management

 • Extensive cultural and linguistic expertise

 • Access to a network of skilled and professional contacts to support a rapid action with effective solution.

 Inorgen proposes general management services to life science and industry companies and investment funds to develop operations in Europe

 early/premarketing stage:  Business plan, stakeholder validation, build premises for market entry

 market entry:  establish the organisation with key hirings, optimized tax & legal entities, partnering and takeover targets, build an infrastructure with processes, roll out the product launch.

 Late marketing stage:  performance monitoring, strategy optimisation, business development and scouting for new opportunities

 The company offers services and solutions in a variety of areas:

 • Corporate Strategy & Implementation

 • Strategy formulation

 • Corporate Analysis

 • Geographic Expansion

 • Market Entry

 • Corporate  partnering

 • Due Diligence coordination

 • Investments

 • Joint Ventures

 Business Development

 • Evaluation of new products, services & customers

 • In / Out Licensing

 • Lead generation

 Strategic Marketing & Product Support

 • Strategic plan & Action Plan

 • Marketing Strategy

 • Product Lifecycle Management

 • Product Positioning

 • Product Development

 • HEOR, HTA & market access

 • Product Launch

 • New Indications & Applications

 • Technology Acquisition

 Sales, Operations & Finance

 • Strategy Implementation

 • Business process review

 • Contract sales , sales force effectiveness, customer relationship management

 • Project management

 • Supply chain management

 • P&L and Working capital optimization

 • Set-up of financial and IT systems, cost controlling systems & procedures

 • Tax optimization

 • Legal compliance

 For more information about life science management services offer by Inorgen call +44 2032393933 or visit www.inorgen.com/