For over a decade Marin County nonprofit MarinLink has helped community-minded people people realize their dreams. MarinLink finds and fills community needs by connecting resources, ideas, and expertise. MarinLink helps nonprofits as an incubator, fiscal sponsor, and multi-faceted resource for real solutions:

• homeless services,

• community gardens,

• environmental education projects,

• veterans programs,

• health and transportation initiatives.

Change is constant but there are some things about Marin that do not change. One integral characteristic of this lovely county is its giving communities. These communities are not defined by cities or lines on a map, they are comprised of individuals, couples, families and groups who are constantly doing good.

MarinLink experiences the philanthropic energy of these people every day. With their Fiscal Sponsorship Program, MarinLink is able to support their passion to address unmet community needs. Among these Projects are:

• Energy initiatives (LEAN~ Local Energy Aggregation Network)

• A community bicycle shop (The Bicycle Works)

• A sailing school for the visually impaired (Marin Sailing School).

But the projects don’t just stop there.  They also include environmental initiatives, garden exchanges, gardens, a charter school, programs that serve veterans, music, animals and MORE.  MarinLink is privileged to work with individuals who invest their time and talents to make a difference in the world.

 Now In their 10th year MarinLink generated $1 million in 2012 through their projects and programs. MarinTrolleys, the proposed Ross Valley Trolley from San Rafael to Fairfax, has its home with MarinLink as does Warm Wishes, which will celebrate 20 years of annually providing 5,000 backpacks filled with warm clothing items to homeless throughout the Bay Area. The Gallinas Watershed Council was fiscally sponsored by MarinLink and helped through their difficult first few years as a young nonprofit.

Yes, things are constantly changing and for the good. As long innovation and faith fuel the fire of invention there is no shortage of ways to make things happen to transform communities…MarinLink made a million and gave it back.  Three cheers for MarinLink!


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5800 Northgate Mall, Suite 250

San Rafael, CA 94903

(415) 472-0211