McAfeeSecure is a piece of marketing baloney and not a true security product.

Let me tell you why. McAfee acquired ScanAlert's HACKER SAFE in January 2008 and renamed it McAfee Secure. This product has a scanning tool that probes for web application security flaws and allows you to post a logo on your website to help increase trustworthiness with paying customers.

Is displaying a security stamp of approval on your website really mean more business for you? Well yes, a security logo actually might increase web sales, but you can probably achieve the same result without paying McAfee a dime.

Put another way, will the McAfee Secure seal make shoppers less skittish about spyware and identity theft? Probably, but so will some other less expensive logo. McAfeeSecure it is NOT cheap, costing well over $1,000 a year! That's a lot for what amounts to basically a website icon and a few security tests that your webmaster can manage!

Is your ecommerce website on a secure host with SSL? Then save yourself that money.  Just do the following:

  1. Confirm with your web host that your site has SSL and then simply upload your own free "SSL secure" graphic onto your site
  2. Have your webmaster ensure that your website software is all updated and kept current to avoid known security issues.
Don't take my word for it.  Here is one blog comment I found:

At best the McAfee Secure HackerSafe logo means the site at least takes security slightly seriously - and at worst the logo is meaningless.

To learn more read these articles:

False Sense of Security

McAfee competitor WebSafe Shield says 70% Of Customers ONLY Shop With Sites That Display A Security Protection Seal. WebSafe cost much less than McAfee and they even include PCI Certification and Seal.

Speaking of PCi compliance, it is now mandatory that your credit card processing is PCI compliant. For more info on PCI compliance check out the security video at Madeleine Austin Enterprises.

By all means put a free security icon on your website. By all means have your webmaster check to ensure your software is current and secure. And once you are PCI compliant you can also post an icon for that.