Media Pros and Cons


In general, it is better to run a smaller size ad more often than to run a larger size ad just once.
This is especially true with radio advertising, where the listener has no opportunity to cut out and save a commercial.


• Easy to target market through choke of station
• Captive audience during drive times
• 99 percent of homes are said to have radios
• 95 percent of all CM arc said to have radios

• Audio only; can't save or cut out
• Lacks visual appeal


• Timely, contain news of the day
• Easy to change on short notice
• Published frequently
• Can tie in advertisements with local events
• Less expensive than magazines and broadcast media

• Short life, usually discarded daily
• Ads may get buried among many others
• Some people read certain sections only
• Not as well read on certain days
• Not well-suited for high-quality photos


• 1 both audio and visual appeal
• Easy to target market through choice of program
• Can be heard from another room without viewing
• Widely viewed in most households


• Relatively more expensive
• Longer time required to produce commercials
• Remotes allow muting out of commercials
• Ofter shows are taped and viewers can fast-forwarding through commercials
• Better-quality commercials that utilize professional actors must he produced by a specialized production company
• Can't be saved as with print media (unless taped)



• Can be highly targeted to demographic groups, geographic areas, particular lifestyles and special intererst
• Have a long life, may be saved
• May have multiple readers, are shared and reread
• May lend prestige to advertiser