No MSIE Microsoft must be stopped. If not stopped, slowed substantially. The company is a bully. The protests now are loud and clear: "Microsoft! Change Your Ways."

Why? Standards. Or, rather, Microsoft's inability to adhere to standards developed by world bodies, committees, and groups which benefit customers and competitors.

Since Microsoft owns approximately 90-percent of the desktop computing world, it could be argued that they set the standards, not others. Yet, the worldwide community of standards bodies will disagree.

That's why there are basic standards for data sharing, standards for Internet protocol, standards for web page code, and so on. To provide for effective, efficient communications standards that the world agrees upon. Microsoft flouts those standards.

How? For many years the Redmond software giant, convicted in court of monopoly abuse of competitors and vendors (partners), has used an effective tactic against standards not developed by Microsoft. Example? The so-called Triple E tactic.

Embrace. Extend. Exterminate.

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Bambi Hambi & Tera Patricks Mac 360 - Microsoft: Criminal Company. No Longer Welcome"