Kahl Consultants has been a BNI member since 2006.

Who is BNI? Well, Business Networking International is ONLY the World's Largest Business Networking Organization!

BNI members share ideas, contacts and most importantly, referrals. Being in BNI means you belong to a chapter where all the other members act as sales people for your business (and vice-versa). Everyone helps everyone market their products and services.

Do you need to be in a networking group to get referrals and do word of mouth marketing? No!

Nevertheless a networking group such as BNI does provide a structured environment for developing and exchanging quality business referrals and this can be very advantageous.

Are referrals important for your business? Then check out BNI!

BNI Power Lunch

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area then we invite you to visit the BNI Power Lunch chapter which meets in San Rafael every Tuesday at Noon at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

BNI Power Lunch Marin website