SEO Tweaks


1. Add more text to your homepage with high key word density and internal links using keyword. subjects could be:
    a) short paragraph describing your site,
    b) short paragraph describing your business
    c) short paragraph about "why to learn a language"
    d) add all the most important key phrases to your home page

2. Add internal links using key words. I.e. link from one page to another and use keywords in the link.

3. Go over all pages and make sure all images have ALT tags and include appropriate key phrases.

4. Go over all pages and add keywords to meta tags (Home page first):
    title tag
    description tag
    keyword tag

    Caveat: any words used in the tags MUST be included in the body text of that page. Check to make sure all the keywords in the tags are also found in the text body on that page.

5. Increase key word density on home page and then other main pages.
    a) add more key words to the existing text on the page,
    b) add new text with key words

6. Include HTML heading (H1, H2, H3) tags and use keywords in the heading text.

7. Improve usability.
    a) Make sure all your FONT types, sizes and colors are uniform. Don't use more than 4 different font styles per page.
    b) Reduce the number of visible Menu items on the home page to < 8. Hide some menu items as submenus or pull down menus within other menu items.
    c) Increase body font size so it is easier to read.
    d) Convert text in images and PDFs to HTML

8. Integrate video
    a) Add videos to the YouTube channel we created for you. embed these videos in your site
    b) Add more videos to your website.
    c) Remove all FLASH videos and replace with embedded youtube videos.

9. Add more images.
    a) Minimum of one photo or video per page.
    b) Include ALT tags in all images
    c) LINK each images to some other relevant page

10. Create a NEWS page and add Facebook / Twitter / Blog feeds on this page.