has an article entitled "Recycling is Bullshit; Make Nov. 15 Zero Waste Day, not America Recycles Day."

Recycling is what?? While that headline is agressive and confrontational, the article makes a very valid point - we are all regularly reminded that recycling is very important. But in fact recycling is the last thing we should be focusing on!

We should be reducing our consumption and reusing our packaging materials. Yes we should be buying our beverages in refillable bottles. That's how it was done in the good old USA in the days before the throwaway society and it is also still done currently in most countries.

% of Reuseable Beer Bottles Worldwide

That's why recycling comes last in this modern list of the 3 R's:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

I also totally agree with this statement:

Let's demand returnable bottles and deposits on everything and let's celebrate Zero Waste Day on November 15 with a returnable bottle of beer.  

Now I just need to go out and buy a returnable bottle of beer...