At Kahl Consultants we do a lot of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tasks for our customers.

As many of you know your website ranking in the search engines depends on many factors including how many backlinks there are to your website. This is how search engines define your Site Popularity.

Here is one simple way to GET MORE BACKLINKS!

Recall that backlinks are links TO your website FROM other sites. Only backlinks will increase your website popularity. You don't want to add links to your website!

So how do we improve the popularity of a website in order to increase the rank in the search engine results?

One way to get backlinks is to leave COMMENTS on other blogs. Then you simply include your website link in your comment. When your comments is approved you will have a free backlink!

This video showing you a trick to find blogs where you can leave comments with a backlink.

Use this trick to find appropriate blog sites for you to leave comments on.
This backlinks article also has more similar tips.

And remember, leave a useful comment and include some of your key words in your comment.

Good luck and let us know if you have questions.