WeatherBugCA Data Exchange Center - CA Dept of Water Resources CDEC has hydrological data incl. zonal weather forecasts and text summaries.
SFSU CA Regional Weather *** - maps and images created by SF State University using Unidata Program Center software and NWS data. Great set of links!
CNN - Weather **** - 4 day forecast for San Francisco (or any other city in the Bay Area such as San Rafael). Loads pretty fast and has all the facts layed out efficiently.
NWS NWS *** - Very extensive set of links to all sorts of local weather forecasts and data, like aviation, marine, radar and satellite data, current conditons and forecasts.
SF Gate - No need to wait for the weather on TV when you have it right here! Paul's Weather - Collection of local weather info, forecasts, and images.
CBS 5 - Bay Area CBS 5 forecast, weather images, live cams, movie.
Spare the Air - Bay Area Air Quality Forecasts updated midmorning and late afternoon, M-F.
Weather ChannelWeather Channel - No. CA doppler radar shows precipitation intensity.
Weather Conditions SF - MIT Weather Gateway shows current SF weather (text only). Wind & Tides
Tide & Current Predictor
- select a west coast site.

USGSSF Bay Wind Patterns - Real time bay wind patterns on color coded chart. By USGS and San Jose State University. Has archives.


CDEC - California Data Exchange Center access to Dept. of Water Resources operational hydrologic data
Russian/Napa River Conditions - Charts from CDEC showing river level and conditions.

SF Bay Area Links

San Francisco Weather - Handy page of links from Museum of the City of SF.