"Spare the Air Days" are common in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are declared by the Bay Area Quality Management District to indicate that unhealthy air is building up in our neck of the woods. The densest urban areas experience unhealthy air, the kind that is bad for sensitive folks, kids, and seniors.

Tips To Spare The Air:
* Leave your car at home.
* Postpone painting jobs for a non-Spare the Air day.
* Don't use gasoline-powered garden and utility equipment.
* Barbecuing is a good idea on a hot summer day, as long as you don't start the coals with lighter fluid; use a chimney starter instead.
* Refuel vehicles after sundown. Despite filling station vapor recovery there is always some evaporation of volatile organics.
* Allow yourself a bad hair day -- don't touch the hairspray.
* Avoid using consumer products that come in aerosol spray cans.

SPARE THE AIR website:

Spare the Air