Kahl Consultants Beware of Phishing Scam Emails

What are Phishing Scam Emails And Why Should I Care?

Phishing scam emails are emails that a hacker sends to trick you into revealing sensitive information. These emails can get victims to reveal their account username and password, even credit card and bank information.

Phishing emails lure customers to fraudulent websites that look totally real. That's where they get you to input your personal information and sometimes you can also download a virus.

Once hackers have your information, they can use it to steal money from you and impersonate you.
Kahl Consultants does NOT ask for personal or account information by email. We also do not ask you to verify any passwords by email.
So let's say you get an e-mail like the ones described above (see also screenshots below). They may look different and the words may vary slightly. Please DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.

How to recognize and avoid phishing scams by the FTC. For More Virus and Hoax Help visit KC Virus & Hoax Alert.


Kahl Consultants Phishing Email Scams Sample

Kahl Consultants Phishing Email Scams Sample Lotus