Having a business website doesn't start with the design and certainly does not end when it goes live. If you want to take your online presence seriously, you must dedicate a fair bit of time and effort and that includes spending money on marketing. In fact if you want your website to market your business you will first need to market your website! By using SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) you can achieve the most cost effective online marketing. SEO is a rapidly evolving science used to help your business achieve the maximum potential of your online presence.

Kahl Consultants, a San Francisco Bay Area based internet consulting firm, offers affordable professional web services for small business and nonprofit organization. Kahl Consultants is a solar powered certified green business with nearly two decades of experience in helping business and nonprofits not only locally in Marin County and the San Francisco North Bay, but also around the world. 

Do you need help for your online marketing campaign? Do you have an online marketing strategy? Does your online marketing budget include web, email and social media? Give Kahl a call!

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Package from Kahl Consultants will help boost your online presence, build traffic, and get your site to rank as high as possible in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Here are the three most popular SEO Packages available:

SEO Starter Package 

New websites need the SEO Starter Package. This package is highly recommended for small business and nonprofit clients, especially those on a limited budget. This SEO Package covers all the recommended steps for new websites as well as for sites that have not been optimized in over a year. 

You won't find a better place to start for your online marketing efforts. The Kahl Consultants SEO Starter Package covers:

  • Site analysis and tests
  • Consultation about all marketing effort
  • Link building to increase site popularity score
  • Blogging and content posting
  • Site tweaks and implementing all standard SEO requirements
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO and Marketing Recommendations
  • Social Media optimization

See here for more details: 


SEO Refresher Package

Just like all marketing, SEO is a continuous effort. Graduates from the SEO Starter Package come back for an SEO Refresher Package. The Kahl Consultants Refresher builds on top of the Starter Package. It takes into account all the changes in the SEO field. You ensure that your site not only remains optimized but also gets further optimized for even more positive results. This package includes onsite as well as offsite optimization of your website. Clients on a limited budget also purchase the Refresher Package if they cannot afford the Annual Package.

SEO Annual Package

Kahl Consultants offers companies who are serious about their online presence the SEO Annual Package. This package features a detailed ongoing marketing campaign integrated in your existing marketing plan. Kahl Consultants does quarterly SEO reviews and upgrades and continually builds on existing SEO features. Your ranking and traffic are optimized all throughout the year. The SEO Annual Package includes hundreds of unique steps including onsite & offsite optimization tasks, managing social media and blogging.

SEO is an incredibly fast-paced science. New SEO tools and requirements appear almost daily. Kahl Consultants continually updates SEO strategies to comply with Search Engine guidelines and to make sure you get the best value for your online marketing. Our Online Marketing experts look forward to helping your small business or nonprofit succeed online.