Update Your Password!

What happens at least once or twice a year? If you're serious about security then the answer is a PASSWORD UPDATE!

At Kahl Consultants we strive to take security seriously. Secure passwords are vital for email and online accounts.

Cracking a password? That's so easy when your password is only a name or word plus a few numbers.

Please update your passwords NOW using our password tips:


1. Use at least 8 characters.
2. Use upper and lower case letters.
3. Use number as well.
4. DO NOT use common names or words found in dictionaries.
5. Mix in non-numeric, non-alphabetic characters if allowed
    (such as: ! @ # $ % & and so on)
6. Emails are NOT secure, DO NOT send any passwords via email.
7. Write all your passwords down or use a password manager.

We recommend using an open source password manager such as KeePass.

How do you change your website login password? Log in to your Control Panel to update your passwords.

If your website is hosted by Kahl Consultants you may ask us for assistance.

Learn more here.