Need to SHARE A LARGE FILE? Want to send a LARGE file to colleagues or friends? But you don't have server space or are not familiar with FTP? And email only works reliable for files under 10 MB. Burning files to DVD and sending them by snail mail takes too long... what to do?

Use a websites that let you SHARE LARGE FILES for free!

Try any of these file sharing sites:
(currently no file size limit)
(max 5 GB)
(max 1024 MB)
(max 400 MB)
(max 300 MB)
(max 100 MB)
(max 100 MB)
(max 25 MB)

Note: Use at your own risk. Read the file print. Uploading files takes considerably longer than downloading, so be patient! The maximum file size is subject to change regularly, so check first before uploading.