Website Security for Small Business and Nonprofit Organizations

site securityWorried about website security? Good, so are we!

Do you have a Wordpress or Joomla CMS website? Kahl Consultants performs Wordpress and Joomla security updates whenever our research tells us that they are really needed. 

Our security updates are quite thorough and we follow all the steps to ensure that these updates are successful. Typically this takes about an hour except in cases where major incompatibility issues are discovered. 

What exactly do we do? During each update we check all plugins and other components. We adjust all your security and backup settings to the newest and best available components. Here's the technical details:

The Kahl Consultants security updates consist of these steps:

Security Updates CHECKLIST

  1. Email client Security Update Notification message
  2. Test, configure and make backups of all files and databases
  3. Update plugins
  4. Update CMS version safely
  5. Test and configure security component
  6. Optimize site
  7. Delete unnecessary items such as Plugins and Themes
  8. Change any username that is still just "admin"
  9. Test website on popular browsers and mobile devices
  10. Ensure ReCaptcha tool is used with any forms
  11. Install Google AMP plugin

Security updates are done a few times a year for our small business and nonprofit clients when it is considered absolutely necessary. We try to strike a fair compromise between security and cost.

For more information please contact Kahl Consultants.