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Kahl Consultants 2022 Bioneers Conference


Join the 2022 Bioneers Conference in San Francisco or online and hear from leaders and visionaries on the frontlines of today’s most pressing challenges, from environmental justice and indigenous rights to green building and economic progress.

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Kahl Consultants is a Bioneer

We are inviting you to register in the Bioneers 2022 Conference both online and in-person from May 13 - May 15, 2022. Bioneers is a non-profit organization, they highlight solutions for restoring people and the planet since 1990. Their programs focus on initiatives that are related to Restorative Food Systems, Biomimicry, Rights of Nature, Indigeneity, Women’s Leadership and Youth Leadership.

2022 Mark the return to an in-person live conference, held at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. You can also attend online.
Many Kahl Consultants clients are also Bioneers supporters. One of them is The Lotus Family. Lotus Cuisine of India is a multi-awarded Indian restaurant in San Rafael that has been feeding thousands of Bioneers staff and volunteers.

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