http to https

Red Alert! Google is making changes that will affect your website ranking if you are not yet using the secure HTTPS protocol.

Did you know that browsers indicate a secure website with a tiny icon in the address bar? In 2017 Google will flag sites featuring data-sensitive forms and no HTTPS support as insecure. Eventually Google will classify all non-HTTPS sites as not secure. Read here to learn more.

Are you concerned about your search engine ranking? Then Kahl Consultants recommends you consider upgrading to HTTPS ASAP. Upgrading a website to HTTPS usually takes about an hour and but total cost depends on the site security tools available through your host. There can be additional fees for hosting HTTPS secure sites.

The good news is that upgrading to HTTPS is a lot cheaper nowadays than it used to me. For example, to enable HTTPS you need a certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA). Now you can get free certificates from a CA called "Let’s Encrypt."

Need to have your site upgraded to HTTPS? Give Kahl Consultants a call.