bni-networking.jpgAs a small business owner my years of networking at chamber mixers and other networking events has taught me some valuable lessons about networking.

I must admit that many of these are simply common sense, but it helps to keep them in mind.

Business network starts with showing up. After that every additional effort you put in will pay off.

Here are my Top Ten Business Networking Best Practices:

  1. Try various kinds of networking events
  2. Choose the events that are most suitable for you and your busienss
  3. Dress for the occasion (don't overdress, and definitely do not underdress
  4. Watch you manners and be polite
  5. Ask questions and LISTEN
  6. Karma works! Help others and you will receive (this is also known as "GIVERS GAIN")
  7. Be prepared! This includes (a) practicing your 30 second elevator pitch before the meeting and (b) bringing enough business cards and flyers to hand out.
  8. No hard selling!
  9. Have a good time and smile
  10. Follow up promptly

Do you have any additional networking tips for small business entrepreneurs? I'd love to hear your comments!

Here are links to a few recommended Marin County, CA networking opportunities:

San Rafael Chamber

BNI Power Lunch

Green Drinks