Virtual Weather Map Room

Big selection of weather maps from Prof. Jon Kahl at University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee

Virtual Weather Map Room

Buckeye Weather

Ohio State weather server. Timely, useful graphical and textual weather data incl. GEOS satellite images.


Click US map or select region/city.


National Weather Service flagship: Interactive Weather Information Network has tons of data - text/graphical format.


MIT Weather Gateway

A simple text based weather service using city codes.


Complete source of graphical weather info. For professionals and casual users. Graphics and data displayed as a meteorologist would expect. Detailed explanations for novices.


Weather Channel Weekly Planner -

Five-day planner video requires RealPlayer plugin. Updates daily at 11 a.m. Eastern Time.

Weather Channel

WWW Tide/Current Predictor

Harmonic tide and current speed predictor with calculations and graphics by XTide.