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Beware of Facebook Fake Accounts

Kahl Consultants - Facebook Fake Accounts Silhouette of a man, logo and texts.

It is easy to create an online account on Facebook. So this means that a lot of the accounts on Facebook are FAKE! Do you accept any friend requests? If yes, then you should stop and learn how to check if your friend request is not fake.

Fight Robocalls

Kahl Consultants Yes You Can Fight Robocalls

Everyone is so annoyed by all the useless robocalls that many people won't even answer their phones anymore. There has to be a way to fight this plague of unwanted calls by automated devices!

Well yes, there is.

Amazon Gift Card Scam!

Kahl Consultants Amazon Gift Card Scam


Have you received an email that goes something like this?

I've been trying to purchase a $200 Amazon E-Gift card off Amazon since yesterday, it keeps saying some issues occurred while charging my cards. I contacted my bank and they told me it would take some couple of days to get it sorted. I intend to buy it for a friend of mine who's having her birthday today. Can you purchase it from your end for me?