Content Management SoftwareOur clients value the fact that Kahl Consultants has been building and maintaining websites since 1996. So we regularly get asked to recommend web editing software.

For a small business or nonprofit a Content Management System (CMS) is ideal to develop and maintain an effective website. A CMS can be used to build a new website. There are other CMS tools that can even edit an existing HTML website.

You can learn more and test drive popular CMS tools such as Wordpress or Joomla here:

Some folks prefer the DIY approach (Do It Yourself). Or they don't have the marketing budget to hire a professional web developer. Not a problem. You can take the first steps on your own.

Every good hosting company offers a simple web builder tool these days. Unfortunately these tools are usually quite limited in their features. Rather that limit yourself to a "cookie-cutter" website why not try learning to use a website editor?

Here is a short review of some of the popular website editors you can use. This can help you decide which editor is right for your.


- Used and recommended by pro web designers

- Powerful yet simple enough that novices can learn to use it to UPDATE their websites

- If you want more control over your site layout and design this will offer it

Comparative HTML Editor Reviews - Dreamweaver:


- Free and easy to learn!

- Good editor to start out with

Review of Kompozer: