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10 Reasons Why Mice have Keyboard Envy :-)


Give your mouse a rest. Give your wrist a break! These keyboard shortcuts work with any windows programs, including all your internet software!

Take ConTRoL!
Learn how to CUT - COPY - PASTE.

  1. CTRL + X: Cut
    (cuts a selection and places it on the Windows clipboard; remember to first select something to cut!)
  2. CTRL + C: Copy
    (works kinda like CUT but without deleting the original data)
  3. CTRL + V: Paste
    (use this after you move the cursor to the spot where you want the stuff you CUT or COPIED)
  4. CTRL + A: Select ALL
    selects the entire page or section
  5. CTRL + Z: Undo last command
    I call this the "OOPS" key. When you do something you didn't mean to do, most windows programs will let you UNDO it. The most common command for this is Control-Z. So the next time you go "OOPS" remember to go CTRL-Z! (what a lifesaver!)
  6. CTRL + F: Find
    Find any file on your system. This keyboard command is the same as clicking "Start" then "Find" then "Files or Folders".
  7. CTRL + Home:
    to the TOP of a page
  8. CTRL + End:
    to the BOTTOM of a page

More Shortcuts

Save time!
Learn these great shortcuts.
  1. ALT + TAB: Switches between open windows
    Great for multitasking! Hold down ALT and repeatedly press TAB to jump to any open window
  2. ALT + F4: Closes windows and quits programs
    ALT-F4 is not a secret US spy plane. Try it. Hold down one of the ALT keys next to your space bar and then click the F4 button. Presto! The window is gone.
  3. F1: Shows Help
    Learn more about the selected item, get help with F1!
  4. F10: Activates pull down menu bar
    Open the menu at the top of the window. Now use the arrow keys to move around and pick a command!

Windows Key Shortcuts


Modern PC keyboards come with several new keys, the most important one being the Windows Logo Key. There are two WinKeys, one on each side of the space bar.

Might be worth buying a new keyboard just to use them! If you don't have one try this!


  1. HOLD DOWN the "WinKey." It's the keyboard button with the microsoft window logo on it (note: older keyboards don't have this key)
  2. Shortly press any other key as required and let go.

WinKey Tricks:

  1. WinKey: Start Menu (betcha knew that!)
  2. WinKey + D: Minimize/restore all windows (either jump to desktop or open all windows)
  3. WinKey + E: Windows Explorer (NOT the Internet Explorer)
  4. WinKey + F: Find: All Files (search for any file or folder)
  5. WinKey + CTRL + F: Find: Computer
  6. Windows + F1: Open Help
  7. WinKey + L: Log off Windows
  8. WinKey + M - Minimizes all dialog boxes ("windows") with minimize buttons; get to your desktop on the double! Say you opened a lot of windows and you want to see your desktop. Don't touch that mouse! press Windows-M.
  9. WinKey + SHIFT + M - Undo minimize all windows; maximize all dialog boxes ("windows") that are minimized
  10. WinKey + Pause/Break- System Properties dialog box (BEWARE!! only for experts!!)
  11. WinKey + R - Run command
  12. Windows + Tab- Cycle through Taskbar buttons -

What Windows Logo Key?

You have Windows 95 or 98 but no fancy windows button on your keyboard? Relax! You can still display your Start Menu by typing:

10 Steps to Nirvana

Follow our 10 Steps to Nirvana to be at one with your machine.

If you follow these steps we guarantee less hassles with your computer!

10) ONLY buy brand name products from a reputable dealer
(NO gray market stuff).

9) Get a good WARRANTY and SERVICE PACKAGE with your equipment.
8) Keep ALL manuals and paperwork for your hardware and software (got a shoe box?)
7) RTFM. Read the -@-#$%# manual! Even if it's incomprehensible, READ IT!
6) Software Installation Rule Of Thumb:
the more programs, the MORE PROBLEMS!

5) Hardware Installation Rule Of Thumb:
the more hardware, the MORE PROBLEMS!

4) SAVE OFTEN! Save files while working, don't wait until you finish.
3) Regular Backups: get a backup device (CD-R, tape) and BACKUP ALL your files!
2) Back To School; take a class in computers, windows, MacOS, internet, etc.
1) Find a friend who knows more about computers than you do;
be REALLY NICE to them.

More Tips


Attention Windows 95 and 98 users!

Know how to switch a window from maximized to partial view? It's that tiny middle caption button, right?

You know, the little button in the upper right corner of any open window - showing two overlapping rectangles. One click and it toggles the current window between the maximized and partial screen view. But that sucker is tiny!

Next time, try the TITLE BAR.

Believe it or not, that huge area across the top of a window performs the exact same function. Double-click it to expand a partial-screen window to maximum size; double-click it again to reshrink the window.

So why did Microsoft even bother with that tiny little button? Anyone?

Even more tips? Try the LINKS below!

The Fine Print

  • CTRL - Control Key (there are 2 of these on your pretty little keyboard)
  • Home & End Keys - found next to the Page Up and Page Down keys, to the right of the alphanumeric portion of your keyboard (even on laptops)
  • Keyboard Combinations - hold down the first key, then press second key shortly
  • Windows Logo Key- found on newer PC keyboards

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