WordPress 4.9.8

WordPress 4.9.8 is out!

WordPress 4.9.8 is actually just a maintenance release but it comes with a very tasty treat.

The best thing about WordPress 4.9.8 is the "Try Gutenberg" feature. This lets you test the new Gutenberg block editor.  With the upcoming release of Wordpress 5.0 in just a few weeks Gutenberg will become the new standard Wordpress Editor.


Important changes coming in WP 5

  • Completely new Gutenberg Editor
  • New editor is NOT WYSIWIG, uses BLOCKS
  • New editor may require rewriting certain website texts
  • New WP may require new theme and plugins

WordPress 4.9.8 allows users to test drive Gutenberg to see how their website theme and plugins will behave.

Recommendations to prepare for WP 5

  • Check site to see if it has all the requirements
  • Check plugins to see if they are ready
  • Check Theme to see if it is ready
  • Install WP 4.9.8 and then install the Gutenberg plugin
  • Create a test staging site and test fully with Gutenberg
  • Fix necessary items as needed for WP5

To avoid indigestion when Gutenberg launches we recommend you taste the Gutenberg appetizer and prepare for the main course, WordPress 5.