Nobody likes to work overtime but when you do you want to make sure you are paid properly!

Overtime laws in California are often not followed by employers, resulting in overtime lawsuits.

Make sure you have the right overtime lawyer.

Do you work in any of the following industries?
  • Retail/Restaurant and Hotel
  • Computer Software
  • Banking/Financial Services
Interested in finding out more information regarding California Labor laws?
  • Meal Periods
  • Rest Breaks
  • Outside Sales Exemption
  • Commission Based Exemption
  • Administrative Exemption
  • Executive/Managerial Exemption
  • Vacation Benefits
  • Deductions
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Employment Litigation

We can help you with these questions:
  • Do you know your rights as an employee in California?
  • Are you being paid correctly under wage and hour laws?
  • Are you being paid correctly pursuant to the overtime law in California?
  • Are you entitled to overtime pay?
  • Are you paid on an hourly basis?

Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination occurs whenever an employer or its representatives adversely single out employees or applicants on the basis of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion and a variety of other reasons.

Generally, employers can't discriminate against you in any aspect of employment, such as:
  • Hiring and firing
  • Compensation, assignment, or classification of employees
  • Transfer, promotion, layoff, or recall
  • Job advertisements
  • Recruitment
  • Testing
  • Use of company facilities
  • Training and apprenticeship programs
  • Fringe benefits
  • Pay, retirement plans, and disability leave

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