Welcome to the land of sandstone cliffs, hidden canyons and desert sands. Red Rock Canyon State Park has plenty of such geological spectacles and is not to be confused with the many other Red Rock parks!

The park has also been used as the backdrop for many science fictions and western movies and TV shows.

It's located on the northwestern edge of the Mojave Desert. Nearby cities include Mojave and Ridgecrest.

Best time to visit is in the Spring and Fall. Be prepared for a windy campsite and lots of sun.

Sandstone nook
Plenty of nooks to explore!

Use our gear list to stuff your pack.

View from Upper Hagen Canyon down into Lower Hagen Canyon and beyond to the Red Cliffs.

This spot is a only a short hike from the main campsite.

Hagen Canyon

Red Cliffs

The famous Red Cliffs that travellers can see from Highway 14 when they pass through the park.

Click on the photo for a video of the Spring Flowers and the red cliffs

Dogs are allowed in the Park, but they have to be on a leash.

Our mutt has a red canine backpack so she can carry her own food and water on hikes.

Dog with backpack


Joshua Trees are the largest type of yucca, They are everywhere in the park and all over the Mojave Desert.

Yuccas are in the Agave family and they grow as tall as trees.

On a dark night you might even mistake them for a person.

Learn more about Yucca here.

Here's the rock formation at Ricardo Campground.

There are 50 campsites that are right next to this unusual formation of sandstone. There are no reservations but the campsite is rarely ever full.

This is also where the Park Ranger Station is located.

Ricardo Campground

Horned Lizard
If you have a good eye you'll find lots of desert wildlife. Horned lizards are wide, ant-eating lizards.

Learn more about Horned Lizards here

Tisha and Sara

Tish & Sara posing



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